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LTC wallet

Top tips for choosing the best Litecoin wallet

The market of the cryptocurrencies is constantly emerging. More and more new options appear, as well as the industry is overwhelming a larger number of related areas. Thousands of crypto experts and enthusiasts are entering the market, buy and use various types of cryptocurrencies on a regular basis. Moreover, crypto money is considered to be among the leading options for successful investments for the coming years. Litecoin, one of the pioneers in the crypto field, is also on the rise. This means a larger number of users are making a transaction with Litecoin and need safe storage for their digital money. In this post, you will discover some basic facts about a top cryptocurrency and find out more information about choosing a perfect Litecoin wallet for storing your modern type of money. Where to store Litecoin? Is it possible to use a Litecoin offline wallet? How to choose a Litecoin cold storage? Find all the answers below. 

Litecoin: the basic facts you should know 

Litecoin is currently one of the most demanding cryptocurrencies on the global crypto market. Compared to its analogs, this type of coin has a more stable performance during recent years and is likely to demonstrate a constant growth in the nearest future. The currency is an open-sourced solution that continues to be a safe and promising investment. 


Litecoin allows its users to make different kinds of payments without any limitations, providing immediate service and superfast transactions. The coin is not controlled by any of the existing governments or other authorities. It offers complete financial management to all its users and can boast of having advanced security features and options. All these features make Litecoin even more precious, making users search for more reliable wallets. 


Your LTC wallet is the top solution for storing and using your crypto money. Keeping your coins in a safe and highly protected place is the most important thing for performing successful operations in the future. There are plenty of types of containers for your digital money, so it might be often difficult to choose a perfect option for a low cost. Litecoin core wallet, Litecoin paper wallet or Litecoin hardware wallet - which option is the best one? Or, perhaps, you should pick up a Litecoin desktop wallet? First of all, let’s discover the most necessary tools and functionality for the best solution for these purposes. 

Top features to look for in the best LTC wallet

  • Safety. The security level should be the highest priority for any Litecoin cash wallet. This means your solution should be protected from malware and viruses, as well as from any third parties, with the most innovative tools and features.

  • Ability to backup. An opportunity to backup and restore is another key to successful Litecoin storage. Don’t forget to double-check whether this function is available in your service. 

  • Flawless reputation. It is better to choose a reputable developer that continues to support its wallet and pushes updates and innovation on a regular basis. 

  • Comfortable interface. The design of the best wallet for Litecoin should not be too complicated and tricky. Shop around for an easy-to-use and understandable option.

  • Compatible to your device. Some platforms are compatible with mobile gadgets, while others might offer only the desktop version. This option should be also checked in case you are planning to use the wallet on a certain type of device. 

  • Support Litecoin. There are some solutions that are developed to support only certain types of cryptocurrencies. Make sure your software or hardware can deal with Litecoin. 

Top Litecoin wallets to suit even the most demanding users


Trezor is a popular wallet, designed in the form of hardware. It has a form of a common USB drive with a modern OLED screen. This screen displays a unique pin code you need to enter each time you are planning to use the gadget. The solution has a recovery function that is surely a good option for those who often forget or lose passwords or keys. The wallet is superior offline storage in the form of a small portable device. It is very light-weighted and easy to use. Coming in three different colors, the device will surely suit any taste. 


Trezor is designed not only for holding Litecoins, but it also supports a storing option of more than 6 additional cryptocurrencies. That is why it might become a great solution for keeping safe all your crypto in a single place. As for the price, the device will cost you about $100 depending on the online store you chose for making the purchase. 

Ledger Nano S

This device is another amazing hardware wallet that will perfectly meet the expectations of users who are planning to store large volumes of crypto. It offers a handy online environment for storing your currencies easily and safely. According to the reviews of numerous experts in the crypto wallets, this option is considered to be among the safest solutions on the market. 


A device is a multi-currency option that allows storing Litecoin and other currencies in a securely protected storage. Ledger Nano S supports over 20 different currencies, being a universal solution for thousands of crypto enthusiasts. The gadget is designed in a small USB-looking drive with a small screen on its upper panel. It is a feature-rich device with the restore option. You can purchase the gadget for about $70. 


Exodus is not a hardware solution, as the devices mentioned above. It is a handy software with excellent design and a convenient interface. It is developed for desktops with various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac. Along with a Litecoin, the popular wallet also supports over 100 additional types of cryptocurrencies. Exodus has numerous exchange partners, so using the wallet for different transactions is fast and handy. The service also has a restore and backup options that are available to all users. By the way, it doesn’t require adding any emails to your account. 


The software can boast of having an excellent support team that is always ready to help in case you have any issues using the wallet. This feature might be very important for beginner cryptos. Generally, it is a handy service that can be effortlessly downloaded and set up on your PC or laptop. 


Electrum-LTC is a useful software that doesn’t require plenty of space on your computer. Being a desktop app, the wallet is designed for all the modern types of operating systems that are widely used by numerous users. This list includes Windows, Mac, and Linux-operated machines. The main benefit of this wallet is that you don’t need to download the entire blockchain or wait for a long synchronization to start using the platform. The program is SegWit-enabled and has plenty of advanced functions for different needs. However, Electrum-LTC might not be the best alternative for crypto newbies since it has a little bit overloaded and feature-rich design. The app will perfectly meet the needs of crypto pros. 

Litecoin Core 

This solution is an official crypto wallet for Litecoin. The service is totally free - there is no need to pay for download or use of the popular service. No subscriptions or purchasing plans required. This makes Litecoin Core extremely budget-friendly and available to all the users. The service supports Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. 


The platform is a desktop solution that can be downloaded from the official website. This means all your keys will be stored on the desktop, so you will need to take care of them by yourself. However, you should take into account that the synchronization process of your new software might require several days. 


Jaxx is a multi-platform wallet where you can store different crypto money, including Litecoin. The service suits both desktop and mobile gadgets, giving you a unique opportunity to check and transfer coins anytime and everywhere. The wallet has extensions for the most popular browsers, as well as Mac/Linux and mobile versions. This feature allows using Jaxx on almost any device. 


The program has a top-notch interface that will be enjoyed even by complete crypto newbies. All the functions and options, as well as a handy backup function, are all available at your hands. 


This wallet is a unique solution for iOS enthusiasts. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store in a few taps and doesn’t require any advanced crypto knowledge. Being a safe and secure alternative for storing Litecoins, the app uses a 12-word key. The program has a convenient option that allows its users to purchase coins through the Coinbase and store your money in a secure way. The program is an open-sourced and highly reputable service that has a large community. 


Litecoin continues to be one of the leading cryptocurrencies for over 9 years. According to the predictions of dozens of crypto experts, its value is likely to continue booming in the nearest future. This means purchasing and storing Litecoin in a safe place is a highly demanding option for thousands of crypto enthusiasts. However, new wallets appear, offering more and more revolutionary features. You can always keep in touch with the latest tendencies on the market and choose the best alternative for your needs with our handy tips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ways to fund my wallet?

You can purchase coins and send them to your Litecoin storage. You can’t buy coins with the help of the interface and functionality of your wallet. 


What is a Litecoin address?

It is a special string of numbers and letters that you can give to other users. People, who have your unique Litecoin address, can easily send you coins. 


What are the most common mistakes of Litecoin owners? 

The biggest mistakes of most Litecoin owners are skipping back up processes and storing digital currencies on exchange platforms. In case you don’t back up your wallet, you can easily lose all your money with any crush or bug. Storing coins on exchange is very dangerous since these services are often attacked by hackers.